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Rooted in the values of slow design, the Moon Flower collections tend towards simplicity and clean lines and are intentionally made to be timeless.

Often matured for a long time, patiently developed,

each of them is the result of an inner journey and life experiences,

designed to support your essence and accompany your personal story.

Infused with this intention, handcrafted consciously with respect for nature,

and particular attention paid to its quality and how it fits the curves of the body,

each piece of jewelry leaving the studio carries this energy within it.

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enso c copy.JPG


blue enso symbol.png

A collection with clean lines, inspired by the minimalism of Japanese aesthetics.

Meaning "circle" in Japanese,

and calligraphed in ink with a single stroke of the brush,

the Enso is a Zen symbol of the absolute,

of the true nature of existence and enlightenment.

It also symbolizes awakening, strength, elegance,

the universe and the void.

In Zen Buddhism, when tracing the Enso,

the gesture must be released

from any inhibition created by the ego.

He thus expresses a moment when the right spirit

allows the body to create.  

It is sometimes painted with an opening in the circle, showing that the Enso is not self-contained, but instead opens out to infinity.

calligraphed ENSO symbol


Ginkgo Biloba seems to unite the present moment and eternity,

the sweetness of the moon

and the strength of the sun.

GINKGO cuff in silver

The oldest tree in the world...

A leaf almost heart-shaped, almost fan-shaped

A leaf divided in two which forms only one,

soft green in summer, golden in autumn.

Ginkgo fans

make a light wind

on the skin of time

Alain Serres



Spread your wings.



Reconnect yourself to your sacred power,

honoring the Goddess within.

engraving goddess ISIS


Bewitching vines, graceful and powerful.

Spirit of the Madre,

medicine plant and master plant.

AYA earrings
sheet 1

Tribute to the fabulous resilience of living things, to the incredible intelligence and sensitivity of the plant kingdom, to the interconnection between species.

A collection to give strength and hope, to remind us of the absolute necessity of taking care of Life,

and in this funny world we're living in,

inspire rebellious and fertile side roads.

so your tender.jpg


An invitation to put a little poetry in the heart of your life,

to carry a few words of love with you, to infuse your days and bring you back to the essential...

Long before being a way of writing, poetry is a way of directing one's life, of turning it towards the rising sun of the invisible.

Poetry is nothing but the fragility of this state of consciousness, the inner awakening of a purity that is much more than us.

It does not come from the elegance of a writing, but from the transparency of a life.

Christian Bobin

The jewels of the PAROLES collection are customizable and can be engraved with your own words...



the silver/enamel collection
by Moon Flower

lagoon fusion maxi ring.jpg

Aerial photographs, sea beds, the beauty of surfaces when seen up close, bark or rusty textures are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for enamels.

headline fusion.jpeg

Under the power of a fire at more than 900°,

mineral powders and metal oxides vitrify and fuse with the metal, to give unique and magical color combinations.

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