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Slim ring, engraved with the words that speak to your soul, to wear closer to your skin the words that inspire you or give you strength, and remind you of your essential.


Words of love, symbolic message, personal intention, excerpt from a poem dear to your heart, vow from self to self, sacred mantra, intimate magic formula...

Choose the personal text that will accompany you, or infuse the days of a loved one.


Each letter is struck one by one by hand.

Open ring, slightly adjustable.


silver 925

(width: 0.4cm)


sizes: (printable ring sizer to download)

* XS: 48-49

* S: 50 to 52

* M: 53 to 56

* L: 57 to 60

* XL: 61 to 63


The line of text must not exceed 22 characters, including punctuation and spaces.


Beautiful stories of meeting, friendship and PAROLES to read here and there

PAROLES slim ring

  • Your jewel is delivered in its Moon Flower gift bag, and carefully packaged in a bubble envelope for travel. If it is a gift and you want to slip a note for your recipient with your shipment, please specify this when paying for the order: a card with your message will be attached to your package.