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Forged and hammered silver ring, in the shape of a Ginkgo Biloba leaf.

Sacred tree of the Orient, symbol of the unity of opposites and longevity, the Ginkgo crosses the ages of the Earth for more than 200 million years...

Impassive and resilient witness of our human times, magic tree and healer, it embodies both strength and grace, and invites us to celebrate the power of the Living.


Open ring, slightly adjustable.


sizes: ( printable ring sizer to download )

* XS: 48-49

* S: 50 to 52

* M: 53 to 56

* L: 57 to 60

* XL: 61 to 63


silver 925

(leaf width: 2.5cm)


  • Your jewel is delivered in its Moon Flower gift bag,  and carefully packaged in a bubble envelope for travel.

    If it is a gift and  you want to slip a note for your recipient  with your shipment, please specify this when paying for the order: a card with your message will be attached to your package.