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Modular PETALS earrings in silver and enamels, to be worn in 3 different ways: either all silver, with Moon Flower's "signature" striated hammering, or all enamels, or a pretty combination of the two.

 (Each pair is composed of 2 silver hoop earrings, 2 large silver petals and 2 enameled petals.)


 * nude beige

 * powdery pink

 * pink

 * lavender

 * aquamarine


 * sky

 * overseas

 * lichen

 * sage


 * turmeric

 * tangerine

 * chili pepper

 * oriental red

 * white

 * black

 925 silver, enameled copper plate.

 (creole Ø 1.7cm, width: 2cm, total height: 3cm, Ø wire : 1mm)

 The colored enameled petals alone are available here, to allow you even more combinations, to match your favorite outfits...

 Say it with flowers… a little, a lot, passionately… madly!

 Some elements of color symbolism, to choose a particular energy in resonance:

 VIOLET: spirituality, knowledge, intuition, dreams, meditation, mysticism, imagination, wisdom, ambition, contemplation, compassion, inspiration.

 * linked to the Sahasrara chakra: knowledge, consciousness, spirituality.

 PINK: sweetness, tenderness, femininity, kindness, peace, serenity, well-being, romanticism.

 RED: love, passion, desire, sexuality, warmth, ardor, vitality, triumph, courage, stimulation, strength, energy.

 * in connection with the Muladhara chakra: energy, stability, comfort, security, anchoring

 ORANGE: joy, communication, security, optimism, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, determination, attraction, success, abundance, pleasure

 * linked to the Svadhisthana chakra: sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, sociability, sensations

 YELLOW: personal power, self-esteem, will, energy, celebration, joy, warmth, power, knowledge, friendship, strength, confidence, vitality, cheerfulness

 * linked to the Manipura chakra: strength, personality, power, determination, action.

 GREEN: nature, hope, rest, harmony, youth, renewal, growth, balance, freshness, fertility, gentleness, regeneration, peace.

 * linked to the Anahata chakra: acceptance, unconditional love, compassion, sincerity.

 TURQUOISE: freshness, purity, lightness, clarity, evolution, transformation, change.

 * linked to the Vishuddha chakra: communication, expression, creativity, inspiration.

 BLUE: dream, wisdom, serenity, truth, loyalty, freshness, tranquility, patience, sincerity, understanding.

 * linked to the Ajna chakra: intuition, lucidity, meditation, faith

 BLACK: shadow, introspection, maturation, mystery

 WHITE: purity, hope, simplicity, light

 More information on enamels and my sources of inspiration for composing them can be found here , and you can visit the enamels gallery there.

PETALS silver/enamel earrings

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