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Rectangular silver ring, set with enamels.


Under the power of a fire at more than 900°, mineral powder and metallic oxides vitrify and fuse with the metal, to give unique and magical color combinations. Alchemical alliance of glass and metal. Volcanic memory of molten incandescent glass that blends with hot copper. Intensity of colors that mingle and emerge one by one as they cool, to form abstract paintings where the imagination escapes.

The enamels seem to have captured the light and diffuse it, as if the original fire of their creation had remained there. Each piece is unique, the enameling is carried out on a copper plate, then set in silver.The photos offered are examples, and even if the color combinations are reproducible, the result obtained is unique and particular each time, which makes all the magic and beauty of this technique, and the exclusive charm of each of the parts produced.

Aerial views, works of art, the raw poetry of rusty textures, the unexpected beauty of surfaces seen up close, the seabed, are inexhaustible sources of inspiration... If you wish to have enamels made in colors that speak to you or evoke a place, a precious memory, an emotion... feel free to contact me to submit a photo reflecting an atmosphere, I would be delighted to create for you a very personal model.

A behind-the-scenes look at the technique and process here.



* Summer night

* Selene

* Cherry Blossom

* Lagoon

* Into the Blue

* Ouvea

* Rust

* Carmen


2 finishing to choose from:

* mirror polished

* striated hammered


Open ring, slightly adjustable.

sizes: ( printable ring sizer to download )

* XS: 48-49

* S: 50 to 52

* M: 53 to 56

* L: 57 to 60

* XL: 61 to 63


925 silver / enamels on copper

(enamels: 1.5 x 2.5cm, ring width: 0.7cm)


More about enamels and my inspirations to compose them can be read here, and you can visit the enamel gallery there.

FUSION rectangle ring

200,00 €Price
  • Your jewel is delivered in its Moon Flower gift pouch, in hand-screened raw cotton, and carefully packed in a bubble envelope for travel.

    If it is a gift and  you want to slip a note for your recipient  with your shipment, please specify this when paying for the order: a card with your message will be attached to your package.